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If you’re searching for the best old age care service near me in any search engine, then you must check our service.Welcome to our prestigious Old Age Care Service in Kathmandu, where we are committed to providing older residents with sensitive and all-encompassing care. The demand for specialist care has grown as the senior population has increased. Our program seeks to give senior citizens a secure, cozy, and caring atmosphere so they may get the care and support they need in their later years.

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Services Offered

1. Residential Care:

At our senior residential care facility in Kathmandu, we offer first-rate care for elders. Our well-equipped facility provides cozy living quarters and gathering places where residents can mingle. To improve the quality of life for our residents, our skilled staff members provide individualized support with daily activities, medication management, routine health check-ups, and fun recreational activities.

2. Day Care Services:

Our Day Care Services are the best option for people who would like to continue getting care while still living at home. In order to ensure that elders receive the care and attention they require during the day, our center provides planned daily activities, wholesome meals, and health monitoring. For added convenience, there is also transportation to and from the center.

3. Home Care Services:

We are aware that some elderly people choose to stay in the comfort of their homes. Our in-home care services provide trained, compassionate caregivers who provide tailored care, assistance with daily tasks, reminders for taking medications, and regular health checks. Our aim is to give elders the help they require while yet letting them maintain their independence.

Facilities and Amenities:

Modern amenities and facilities are available at our old age care service in kathmandu to meet the various needs of our seniors. Our residential care facility offers private living quarters, social gathering places, lovely grounds, and a reading room. We have well-equipped activity rooms, entertainment areas, and a medical room for emergencies for day care attendance. Wheelchair accessibility across our whole facility ensures the security and comfort of every resident.

Staffing and Training

A stringent hiring process results in the careful selection of our team of carers and employees. They go through formal training and obtain the necessary credentials to make sure they are qualified to give the best care for the elderly. In addition to being knowledgeable, our staff members place a strong emphasis on empathy, compassion, and understanding, creating a welcoming environment for our residents.

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Safety and Security Measures

A. Emergency Response Protocols:

Our residents’ safety and wellbeing are of the utmost concern. In order to provide a prompt and efficient response in the event of any unforeseen catastrophes or medical emergencies, we have devised thorough emergency response protocols. Our staff members go through frequent training to become familiar with these protocols, enabling them to respond swiftly and effectively in urgent situations. We have designated staff members who have received first aid and CPR training who can offer rapid assistance in the event of an emergency while awaiting professional medical assistance.

B. Preventive Measures for Accidents and Injuries:

We put in place a variety of preventive measures to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in order to provide a safe living environment. Regular safety inspections of our property are part of this to spot any potential hazards and resolve them right away. To lower the danger of slips and falls, we make sure the illumination is adequate and the flooring is maintained. Throughout the institution, grab bars and handrails have been placed in key locations to help people with mobility issues. To further inform residents and staff about accident prevention and safe procedures, we run safety awareness programs.

C. Supervision and Monitoring of Residents:

To constantly maintain our residents’ safety and wellbeing, we diligently supervise and monitor them. Our skilled staff members make frequent rounds to check on residents and swiftly attend to their requirements. We provide tailored care plans and ongoing monitoring for residents with particular medical conditions or mobility restrictions to ensure their comfort and safety. Our caregivers are also taught to notice any changes in the health or conduct of the residents and to notify the proper medical personnel or family members right away.

D. Background Checks for Staff Members:

For us, the safety and trust of our residents and their families come first. Before recruiting any staff members, we thoroughly investigate their backgrounds in order to maintain a secure and dependable workplace. Verification of criminal records and inquiries into prior employers’ references are among these measures. We can fully entrust our staff members with the care of our cherished seniors since we make sure they have a spotless and trustworthy background.

Additionally, we foster a culture of openness and responsibility, encouraging staff members to swiftly report any issues or events. Regular staff training on safety procedures and risk assessment encourages a proactive mindset to guarantee our residents’ ongoing safety.

We are dedicated to giving our seniors at our old age care service in Kathmandu a safe and supportive atmosphere. We work to provide residents and their families with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their loved ones are in capable and compassionate hands by upholding strict safety and security procedures. Residents can enjoy their senior years with the security and comfort they deserve because of our commitment to safety.

Cost and Payment Options

S.NWork & duties of Nurse/experience/trained personWorking hoursMonthly fixed salary
1.Old age people caring, Diaper changing, Medicine reminder1 hour5,000rs
2.Old age people caring, Diaper changing, Medicine reminder2 hours7,000rs
3.Old age people caring, Diaper changing, Medicine reminder3 hours9,000rs
4.Old age people caring, Diaper changing, Medicine reminder4 hours11,000rs
5.Old age people caring, Diaper changing, Medicine reminder5 hours13,000rs
6.Old age people caring, Diaper changing, Medicine reminder6 hours15,000rs
7.Old age people caring, Diaper changing, Medicine reminder7 hours17,000rs
8.Old age people caring, Diaper changing, Medicine reminder8 hours19,000rs
9.Old age people caring, Diaper changing, Medicine reminder9 hours21,000rs
10.Old age people caring, Diaper changing, Medicine reminder10 hours23,000rs
11.Old age people caring, Diaper changing, Medicine reminder11 hours25,000rs
12.Old age people caring, Diaper changing, Medicine reminder12 hours27,000rs
13.Old age people caring, Diaper changing, Medicine reminderWith Living25,000rs

-All the old age caring persons will work 6 days a week.

-The first party should pay Rs.5,000 as a booking and this amount will not be refundable under any condition.

We have a clear cost structure for our services, and we provide numerous care packages to meet different needs. To ensure that as many seniors as possible can receive our services, we also accept government aid programs when available. For your smooth payment process and inquiry, you can contact our old age care service in Kathmandu’s customer support department. You can contact us here:

  • Phone number: 9851176862
  • Email: maidservice506@gmail.com

Service Agreement with Terms and Conditions

First Party: Customer

Second Party: Old Age care service in Kathmandu

  • The second part won’t be responsible for any loss and theft at the first-party house.
  • The second part won’t be responsible for replacing another employee if they leave the job due to misbehaving or mistreating.
  • The first party has to pay the amount of salary directly to the elderly person at the end of the month.
  • The second party has to pay Rs. 5,000 for booking an old age caring person/cleaner and the amount won’t be refundable under any conditions.
  • If any types of legal consequences occur in the future, we won’t be responsible.
  • The first party should grant all the security and safety of the old age caring person/cleaner.
  • The first party has to collect the original documents of an old age caring person like citizenship, contact no. of family, and relatives in case of safety and reliability (if needed).


We are dedicated to giving older persons the best care possible at our old age care service in kathmandu. We invite you to think about our facility if you’re seeking for a dependable and caring elderly care service in Kathmandu. In order to ensure that your senior loved ones have happy and comfortable lives during their golden years, our knowledgeable team is prepared to welcome and support them.

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